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Nsstatusitem example
Nsstatusitem example

Nsstatusitem example

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example nsstatusitem

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I recently had to add a custom view to that status Apr 9, 2013 - Fill in the details of the app, for this example we are calling it menuBar. You can fill in the other details like your company name, the identifier, Mar 5, 2007 - The NSStatusItem class represents the individual elements displayed within an NSStatusBar object. *should* be able to replace all the menu stuff in the NSStatusItem example with Jul 7, 2009 - My Menubar Countdown application uses an NSStatusItem to display itself in the menu bar. Jul 1, 2013 - Once you have an NSStatusItem , you can configure it using it's The sample code I used is an app I wrote to show me the number of unread Now that the menu itself is complete it is time to write some code. DOWNLOAD THE SOURCE CODE Aug 8, 2014 - You can give NSStatusItems other things such as images and tooltips. An example, it would be cool if I knew how much time I spent blogging I am trying to use NSStatusItem in xojo for one of my projects. Full Example. For this example, the AppDelegate of my project will be responsible for the NSStatusItem. First Sep 16, 2014 - AXStatusItemPopup - NSStatusItem that shows a little NSPopover when clicked. // init content view controller // its contents will Oct 14, 2011 - There are several moving parts involved, so the best advice I can give is to check out this excellent example project from Vadim Shpakovski. Instances are created by the NSStatusBarThis video shows how to create a menu bar application with an NSMenu.
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